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Virtual & Hybrid Events

Our virtual event solution allows you to bring in local and remote presenters from anywhere in the world and share their presentations, participate in panel sessions and engage in Q&A with your online attendees.

Whether you're delivering a hybrid event from the Royal International Convention Centre or a fully virtual event online, we can deliver your communications regardless of your current restrictions.

Microhire's system can deliver your event to any webinar platform or webcast service. They will help you develop and deliver an engaging virtual component that ensures your meetings, launches and celebrations reach your audience across the planet.

  • Be in control of what your attendees see and hear

  • Divide delegates into breakout sessions / discussion groups

  • Come in and out of individual sessions like you would a normal room, adding input as you feel

  • Bring all participants back together to share content or an update and instantly go back to the breakout session

  • Users can use their personal devices to join and contribute (smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops)

  • Traditional phones can be used to participate with audio only

  • Recordings are available on completion