"One of the best meals ever
served in this state in ages."
Des Houghton, Courier Mail

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Halls A & B Combined


Halls A and B combine to produce 1700m2 of unique, air-conditioned space perfect for conferences, exhibitions and banquets. It features Australia's first operable ceiling grid system, which is designed to dramatically cut set up time and costs.

Suitable for:

  • Conference
  • Exhibition
  • Meeting
  • Product Launch
  • Banquet
  • Cocktail Function
  • Wedding
  • Festival
  • Day Delegate Package/s
  • Christmas Party
Gross Area 1700m2
Ceiling Height 9m
Power Floor Pit 4 amp, 10 amp and 3-Phase
Cooling Air Conditioning
Floors Carpet Tiles
Overall room dimensions 63(L) x 27(W) x 9(H)
  • Banquet w/ Stage: 1100
  • Cabaret w/ Stage: 880
  • Cocktail: 1700
  • Banquet w/ Stage & D/Floor: 1030
  • Theatre w/ Stage: 1476
  • Booth (3m x 3m): 108
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